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Loyal To You Greetings helps businesses increase their repeat and referral business through personalized greeting card programs. Surprise your customers by remembering their birthdays or anniversaries, stay in constant communication with holiday and seasonal cards, or stay top of mind with prospecting cards.

About the Program

Simply select the cards and messages you wish to send, provide Loyal To You Greetings with your client names and addresses, and choose the frequency of communications. Then we do the rest!

Why Choose Loyal To You Greetings?

A direct mailing program can be time consuming and expensive to manage in-house. Loyal To You Greetings specializes in client greeting programs and is able to fulfill these mailings at a significant cost savings to you. We do all the work while you enjoy the benefits!

  • Colored Envelopes
  • First-class Commemorative Stamps
  • Name Hand-signed in Blue Ink
  • Can enclose business card or other promotional items in the card

Greeting Card Samples

These are just a few samples below, but remember there are hundreds available depending on your specific message that you want to convey to your customer.


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