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Loyal To You Greetings, founded in 1992, initially served the purpose of introducing new homeowners to local businesses by sending greeting cards containing coupons. As the company evolved, it expanded to provide customized, personalized greeting cards for businesses. Today, the company continues to offer these greeting cards, and has expanded its services to include gift baskets for any occasion.

Loyal To You Greetings strives to help businesses build relationships with their clients.The company's objective is to help its clients establish and maintain a profitable, long-term relationship with their customers that goes beyond the initial contact. With customer relations and customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of Loyal To You Greeting's business philosophy, we've designed each of the services we offer to serve the purpose of building relationships and as a way to say "thank you".

Our experience has proven that sending greeting cards and gift baskets create a feeling of trust, confidence and familiarity with a business. These are a unique and powerful way to build client loyalty and increase a company's repeat and referral business.


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